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Listed as a Florida League Of Cities Best Practices.
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Graffiti Art is an art form that dates back to the Egyptians and Aztecs.  It must not be confused with tagging.  We do not condone tagging or destruction of private property.  Most Graffiti artists are young, urban, inner-city, minority youth that are usually self-trained and self-expressed artists.  Cities such as Los Angeles, CA and St. Petersburg has shown some interest. Click here.

Awesome graffiti piece by Hex & Omega, circa 1990

Hip-hop music and Graffiti were born together.  What happened to stunt the growth of graffiti?  Are you interested in the re-birth of graffiti? ? 

alls for Graffitti Art Project
       An outdoor art gallery of
           Lively, energetic, youthful and
                 Spray-painted walls.

 'It shouldn't be a question of who's going to throw the first stone but of
                   who's going to start building with it.' Source Unknown

Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. will build walls as canvases for graffiti artworks/ pieces and create an Open Air Graffiti Art Gallery. 

The walls will become the main focus of this outdoor gallery and encourage anyone to paint, draw and write without danger of censorship or fear of arrest. 

The walls will become a place where artists and their supporters can create an art gallery that is alive, growing and constantly changing.

The project will answer the needs of the graffiti artists by providing a showcase for their artwork and dilute the desire to place their work onto other's property.

Walls For Graffiti Art Project consists of three components: 1) Building Project- walls construction, 2) An Education Project- understanding Graffiti Art History and 3) Advertising Project- sustaining and maintaining.  

The project will educate the public about the art form and dilute some of the negative focus regarding legal placement.

The structural appeal of the walls invites embellishment.

The project will address the needs of all services and/or agencies concerned
with the proper placement while still embracing the artists.

                                          Steele, YPAs, Inc. Founder, presenting project model.

Who's Involved?

  C. Kenneth Wilbur, Jr. (Architect)-
started his career as a Production Draftsman.  In 1970, licensed as an Architect and certified to practice in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  He obtained a Bachelor of Architecture at Boston Architectural Center and holds a NCARB Architectural certificate.  

Beverley Tisdell (model designer)
- believes in balancing academic learning with the holistic development of the ‘other side of the brain.  Her education includes Graduate studies in Art Education at Hunter College of CUNY; a Bachelor of Art, Fine Arts, Secondary Art Education from Notre Dame of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; School of Nursing, St. Francis Hospital, Dayton, OH; Nursing, Duchesne College, Omaha, NE, Studies in Humanities.

  Henry Chalfant (Historian)- will serve as an Independent Consultant to help build the education program and refer visiting artists.  He studied at Stanford University where he received a Bachelor of Art degree in Classical Greek.  Later he pursued a career as a sculptor, exhibiting his work in Europe and the United States.

  Quenton Jones (Photographer)-  has a passion for collecting, recording and retelling historical facts via photography & film.  Owner of Q Studio/ Jones Photography; once employed with Royal Carribean Cruise Line and Photo Cooperation of America.  He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Bethune Cookman University.

Graffiti conference 14, NYC!

Martha Sachs (Advertising)- experience with diverse media outlets and corporate marketing departments, foundations or advertising/ marketing agencies; Ms. Sachs will identify sponsors for the project.

The Steele Organization, LLC (Management and Marketing Consulting- focuses on marketing the needs of children.  Formed 1988 in New York City, has handled such national clients as the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE), the Western States Advertising Federation and American Advertising Federation.

Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. (Administrators)- Formed in 1998, a 501 c) 3), not-for-profit, statewide focused, state recognized corporation whose mission is to identify and address the specialized needs of young (up to 22) visual and performing artists and to provide creative solutions to youth development.
 See 'stuff about us link' for more information.

For more information: click on the name of the partners or contact Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc., 9060 County Road 231, Wildwood, FL  34785, email: youngartists@aol.com, www.facebook.com/YoungPerformingArtists  www.twitter.com/youngperformart
Make donations via estate planningclick here
or make payable to:  Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc., 9060 County Road 231, Wildwood, FL  34785.




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