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Our Board of Directors and Advisors have agreed that our present facility, a small mobile office, is efficient as a Headquarter Office.  In order to increase our services for our young artists and their families, we are embarking on establishing a new Headquarter's Building.  A headquarters that will house music and dance rehearsal rooms,  visual arts studios, a small recording studio, a small concert hall, social areas, dorm style rooms, dinette and office space.  This facility will be open to our young artists and bustling with their energy.

To form the Young Performing Artists Touring Band. Under the tutelage of professional artist i.e. Eric Darius, the band will tour the State during the summer months. Featuring our young ( 13- 18 yr. olds) instrumentalists, dancers and vocalists and conducted by one of our young (19- 22yr. olds) artists.  Performances scheduled in professional venues such as concert halls, fine arts theatres, etc. and include a YPAs, Inc. Student Art Exhibit of our young visual artists works.  The band will add to the young participants, the audience, the sponsors and the organization through music education, awareness and engagement while responding to the public's wish for cultivated, uplifting and enjoyable music.  Scholarships, for all involved young artist, as a budgeted item. Ticket sales will contribute to sustaining this program.

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