Provides- Artistic Scholarships

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Skyler Covert

YPAs, Inc. Instrumentalist Member

1st placer Day Of Stars Event, now studies at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

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Enrichment & Historical Programs


  • Royal Historical Enrichment & Art Program (RHEAP)
  • ’40 Acres & A Mule Experience Tour’


Building ‘Open Air Graffiti Art Galleries’

Establishing ‘Open Air Graffiti Art Galleries’.

Recognized as a Florida League of Cities Best Practice.

Such famous cities as Los Angeles, CA; St. Petersburg, FL; Orlando, FL and Milton Keynes, UK has expressed interest.

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Alexa Wosyluk

Alexa Wosyluk- YPAs, Inc. Dance Member.

Signed by BMG Modeling Agency- NYC.

WELCOME! Celebrating 20 Years…

Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. encourages the young artists of today who will keep the “Arts” of tomorrow alive!

Assisting those who will make “The Arts” their life’s worth and work!

Providing creative solutions to Youth Development!

Our Founder, Beverly Steele

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Email: youngartists@aol.com

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