2000 Pound Bull

How Do You Know Where You Are Going; If You Don’t Know Where You Came From?

Steele introduces herself by sharing how growing up around such strong-willed people affected her life.

Historic Mural

Who Were My People?

Heritage? What’s heritage? Steele uses a mural to tell this story of her beloved Royal Community illustrious heritage and history.


Old Man Hagan “Hello Somebody”

“Hello, Somebody!”
An Ancestor’s Wake Up Call…

Steele uses the basic language of her people to convey their stories. This story gets the reader’s mind in a ‘call to action’ mood. Prayerfully, bringing together people who share inspiration from the stories of her ancestor’s past to evoke social action.


Tobacco Barn

Steele tells her people stories while being very careful, to ensure, that their oral stories are well respected and represented.
For these oral histories are the real witness to the Reconstruction era. These stories should become the true historical accounts to capture the heart, spirit and soul of an integral part of the ‘whole’ American historical picture.

Post #2 Old Man Pickett

It all began with the “40 Acres and a Mule” Civil War Proclamation

This story breathes life to the words of General Sherman’s Special Field Order #15. It’s a true account of how this order, circular 13 and circular 15 affected Steele’s ancestors. Despite it all, the people kept their land.

Post #1 Historic Marker

Reach for the Stars; If You Fall in the Clouds - It’s Okay. Mr. Alonzo A. Young, Sr. the last Principal of the Royal School.

Royal’s segregated School closed at the end of the 1968-1969 school year, Mr. Young, Sr. served as Principal for 22 years. Steele recalls some of the fond memories, while attending her beloved community school, of the traditional and fundamental lessons she learned.