WELCOME! Celebrating 24 Years…

Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc. encourages the young artists of today who will keep the “Arts” of tomorrow alive!

Assisting those who will make “The Arts” their life’s worth and work!

Our Founder, Beverly Steele
National Award Winner
Steele receives Daughters of the American Revolution National Historic Preservation Award presented by The Villages’ Puc Puggy Chapter. February 22, 2021, reported in The Daily Sun Newspaper.

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Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc.
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Email: youngartists@aol.com

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or Estate Giving

Upcoming Events

To apply for 2022 Virtual Event; click Programs then select Day of Stars page for information & application. Application and submission Deadline: Monday, November 4, 2022.

*Annual Strings Of Soul Virtual Concert Event
(April- 2023; 2PM)
Help Us! Help Young Artists. Also………..
Virtual Royal Historic Tours
Coming in June 2022

Provides- Artistic Scholarships

Hanalei Ritter - Copy

Hanalei Ritter, 17

YPAs, Inc. Instrumentalist Member

1st placer Day Of Stars 2021 Event.

A'Layahna Checo - Copy - Copy

A’Layahna don’t want to be just an artist that just sings. She wants to be an artist that is recognized for singing with heart & soul.

1st Place Vocalist; YPAs, Inc. Day Of Stars 2020

Virtual Traveling Tour Band


Humanities’ Programs

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    • As an Art Organization, we incorporate the ‘Humanities’ with the ‘Arts’. Each year, we present one or more Humanity focused program(s).
    • Our programs are lively non-partisan discussions and/or activities i.e.: Our 2021 Humanities virtual event:
      “Let’s Talk Reparations: Historic Preservation”


    • (View on this website: Click our “Reparations” Page Link, above. Or, our Corporate FaceBook Page @youngperformingartists) —————————————————————–

    • Our 2020 Humanities’ Stream: ‘The Women’s Centennial: How Women Of Color Helped Win The Vote’. 2020.
      (View on this website: Click our Suffrage Centennial Page Link, above. Or, our Corporate FaceBook Page @youngperformingartists)



Building ‘Open Air Graffiti Art Galleries’

Establishing ‘Open Air Graffiti Art Galleries’.

Recognized as a Florida League of Cities Best Practice.

Click Graffiti Page.

copyrighted: The Steele Organization, LLC

Enrichment & Historical Programs


      • Royal Historical Enrichment & Art Program (RHEAP)
      • Seniors and Elders Enrichment Program


      • Children & Youth Enrichment Programs


      • Homeschooler’s Virtual Visual Art Program


      • Royal Community-wide Drive-By Holiday Parade & Drive-Up Concert


      • Royal Community-wide Drive-By MLK Walk/ March & Drive-Up Speaker Event

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Historical Programs

Click the link, below to preview the WEDU TV event:

    • Visit our Royal Historic Tours page for more information regarding:
    • *’40 Acres & A Mule Historic Tour’
    • *Community Of Royal’s Website address
    • *Announcing Royal’s Historic Registry Nomination & RFP
    • Open Process, Deadline: 12/24/21 Midnight
      Submit via youngartists@aol.com

book cover

Finding Your Roots

Steele’s, our Founder, Book Release!

Community of Royal, one of Florida’s oldest African American communities. Formed in 1865 by freed slaves; the people kept their 40 to 80 acres of land.

Available on Amazon and AmazonSmile

Choose Young Performing Artists, Inc. as your charity; Amazon will donate. YPAs, Inc receives 10% of net sales.

Read this interesting and rare Civil War African American History.

Our Programming is sponsored in part by