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Royal Citizens...

Reverend Matthew Beard, 115 years young at death

Mother Polly Wideman, 109 years young at death

Mother Peggy Olivia Davis, 103 years young at death


Community of Royal
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Royal is one of Florida's oldest African American communities; 5 miles west of Wildwood. Our ‘40 Acres & A Mule Tour’ will ensure that one of Florida's oldest African American Communities, founded by former slaves from the Old Green Plantation located near the Withlacoochee River, when slavery was abolished in 1865, is not engulfed, nor enslaved by present new development or its rich heritage vanished from the State of Florida historic landscape. One uniqueness is that Royal is made up of 40 Acres & 80 Acres parcels held from General Sherman's 40 Acres & A Mule rule # 15.

Tours are available of this beautiful community's rich history and heritage to groups and interested persons (minimum of 5). We have regularly scheduled tours, as well as, we can schedule a tour to fit your group's calendar.

Located at the Alonzo A. Young, Sr. Enrichment & Historical Center, a Governor's Point Of Light Project, Royal Park, 9569 County Road 235, Wildwood (Royal), FL 34785.

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Part 1 of the Florida Crossroads Documentary Florida’s Black Heritage Trail : The Central Florida Region features the Community Of Royal, one of Florida's oldest African American communities where the freed slaves' descendants still own their 40 Acres & A Mule.

The documentary is archived: to view Florida’s Black Heritage Trail: The Central Florida Region visit

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